About Us

The Green Africa Party
Our History

The Green Africa Party (GAP) have been hosting live events and participating in festivals around Jo-burg and Pretoria since 2004. Steadily growing over the years we have attracted a diverse following of all ages and backgrounds.

The GAP is a performance collective in the true and collaborative sense. Poets, Traditional Musicians, Jugglers, Stilt-Walkers, Acrobats, Fire-Dancers and even a mad bag-piper are among our members, bringing with them a powerful, exuberant and at times just sheer raucous celebration of Fresh Home-Grown Local Talent. We’re passionate about promoting the musicians, performers and artists who take part, championing the cause of what we like to call:

“Authentic Rebel Music”

There is no single genre or style that predominates, but a common thread you’ll find among all our artists is that spark of creativity, expressing unique talent and an original approach to entertainment.

The GAP – Actively re-defining the relationship between Performers and the audience.

Core to our values is the concept of inclusivity. Primarily this means that no style, genre or mode of expression is excluded from the range of entertainment we represent, but fundamentally it is about dissolving the barrier between “the stage” and the supporter. We integrate the entire venue into the performance, and bring the music among the observers.

Attending a GAP event is an immersive experience, where possible we encourage as much participation as people are comfortable with!

It is not un-common by the end of an event to have over 15 musicians and members from the floor all up on stage improvising and creating a magical and unrepeatable experience.

Our Mission

“Sustainably Entertainable”

Our belief is in a collective, empowered and active awareness that is concerned about all the People of the Nation, our Planet and our Present way of Life.

We are committed to facilitate events that are memorable, refreshing and above all entertaining for all who participate, in whatever capacity. Care for the environment and care for each other are fundamental to what we stand for.

“Sustainably Entertainable” because to enjoy the type of existence that allows for the freedom of expression GAP represents, we need to ensure that our environment can continue to support us.

To be able to enjoy the true spirit of creativity we need to grow past separating factors such as race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and economic, social or educational demographics.

As such we advocate that:

  • We are each responsible for our actions as individuals.
  • We are each responsible our immediate environment.
  • It is within our individual potential to be a positive influence on those around us.
  • As a collective we can have the greatest impact in bringing about positive change, inspiring others to follow the example of trying to implement a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Only through unified action can the conscious spirit of Humankind be evolved. We believe that it is the destiny of our species to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and all the life that blesses this planet.

So we hold firm to the view that one must first become the change that one wishes to see take place. One person can’t save the world, but by being kind, compassionate and considerate, each of us can encourage others to do the same…

Green Africa Party: Because saving the Planet and saving Ourselves is the right thing to do… and we can and should have fun while doing it!

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